Aurora : Female 

Chocolate Bitter Sweet & White 

Belton Parti  Limited AKC 1600.00

Havanese Puppies for Sale

Pheobee -Female

Limited AKC 1250.00

Havanese puppies for sale Colorado 

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Luna : Female 

White & Chocolate 

Limited AKC  1500.00 

My Eclipse Babies 

Born August 21 in the AM

​Teela & Havana Man

​Puppies Below

Havanese Puppies For Sale

Havnese Nursery

Aries - Male 

Sable & White 

Limited AKC 1450.00

Dam: Baby 

Jupiter- Male /Bitter Sweet

Chocolate & White Parti Irish Pie

Limited AKC 1600.00 

Sirius : Male 

Bitter Sweet Chocolate and White 

​Limited AKC 1600.00

Vega -Male

Black & White

Limited AKC 1250.00

Jerchico - Male

Limited AKC 1250.00 

Copernicus : Male 

Milk Chocolate/White Irish pied limited AKC 1450.00 

Sire : Havana Man

My eclipse Puppies born August 21 in the PM

3 days early 

Lulu & Mr. Wilson  Puppies Below

Elecktra- Female

Limited AKC 1250.00

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Nova - Female 

White  Bitter Sweet & White ..Belton

Limited AKC 1500.00  

Orion -Male 

Milk Chocolate Irish pied

Limited AKC 1450.00  

Below you will find my available

Cottonwood Puppies

Havanese puppies for sale . Scroll all the way down to see video of my older pups. My puppies are ready to join their new homes

     at the age of 8 weeks. Cottonwood puppies Havanese

Sire :Mr. Wilson

Dam :LuLu

Venus - Female / Bitter Sweet Chocolate / Irish pie . Eyes will open soon . Dark pigment 

Limited AKC 1600.00

Baby & Havana Man

Puppies Born

August 10,2017

The Dam: Teela 

Antares  Male 

Black & white 

Limited AKC 1250.00

Sire: Havana Man

Cassiopeia - Female 

Chocolate & White 

Limited AKC 1450.00 

Sunny - Male 

Chocolate & White

Limited AKC 1450.00

 Great Eye Brows

Puppies will ready to leave

October 5,2017