Havanese Cavalier Puppy Stages of Life

Havanese Cavalier Papillon Puppy Stages - Week 4
Havanese Cavalier Papillon Puppy Stages - Week 3

Week 1

Week 3

Flight Instinct Period ( 4 to 8) months

Week 2

Neonatal period : Birth to 2 Weeks

Havanese Cavalier Papillon cottonwood puppies
Puppies can't hear or see. The little ones stay close to mother and litter mates. Spending 90 percent of their time keeping warm and nursing.
The puppies responds to warmth, touch, and smell. They cannot regulate body temperature and elimination.
Transition Period (3 - 5 Weeks):

Puppies eyes and ears are open, but sight and hearing are limited. Puppies tail begin wagging. This is the beginning  of controlled  body functions. By age three weeks, this is a time of rapid physical and sensory development, during which the puppies go from total dependence on Mom to a bit of independence. They begin to play with their litter mates, learn about their environment and canine society, and begin sampling food from Mom's bowl. Puppy teeth begin to come in .Small breeds teeth are slow to come in and may not be all the way in at 8 weeks  . Puppies can control their need to potty by this age, and begin moving away from sleeping quarters to eliminate.
Awareness Period (6 - 8  weeks)

Puppies can now see and hear very well. The puppies are  learning that they are dog and require a great deal of nurturing and socialization from humans . The puppies mother now starts encouraging  independence for the  weaning process . Puppies are now eating and drinking water food from a dish.
Going Home Period (8 - 14 Weeks):
 This is the ideal time for puppy to go home. This is the very best age for forming strong bonds with people. Puppies are mentally mature enough to adjust to changes, and to begin their training in manners.
10-14 Weeks
Sometimes referred to as the "fear period," the puppy is especially impressionable now. Object-associations formed during this period leave indelible imprints. It's very important that the puppy have as many positive experiences with people, other animals, as possible.
This period is also known as the "Age of Cutting" - cutting teeth and cutting apron strings. At this age, the puppy begins testing dominance and leadership. Biting behavior is absolutely discouraged from thirteen weeks on. Praise for the correct behavior response is the most effective tool. Meaningful praise is highly important to shape positive attitude.
Flight Instinct Period (4 to 8 Months):
During this period puppies test their wings- they will turn a deaf ear when called. This period lasts from a few days to several weeks. It is critical to praise the positive and minimize the negative behavior during this time. However, you must learn how to achieve the correct response. This period corresponds to teething periods, and behavioral problems become compounded by physiological development chewing.

Havanese cavalier Papillon puppy stages of life

Havanese Cavalier Papillon Puppy Stages - Week 1
Havanese Cavalier Papillon Puppy Stages - Week 2

Week 4