Harness ~ small

Collar~ XS adjustable to S


Create & Containment  Small for travel Med for Containment,baby gate maybe needed, portable fencing

Dog Bed ~ cozy

Food & water bowls

Toys ~ soft & hard


Food ~Victor Premium Puppy Food

Chicken Hot dogs cut in small slices.

Nu Vet Vitamins

Tooth Brush

Consider Pet insurance AKC Does have a policy




Blow dryer

Bristle brush


Conditioning spray~ Showsheen Dog Detangler - Order Amazon

Cotton balls

Ear cleaning  ~ Which Hazel ~ Walmart

Ear medication keep on hand Quadra Clear

Shampoo and conditioner

Slicker brush~ Universal Slicker Brush  Regular - Order Amazon

Toothbrush and dog toothpaste

Store the above items in a plastic tote or container for easy access.



 Order here

Your puppy will require some identification. While there are two options — identification (ID) tags and microchips — it’s a good idea to use them both.

An ID tag, With contact information. List only their name and phone number with no information about the dog. At the very least, list your name and the best way to contact you, whether it’s a cell phone, office phone, or home phone.

A microchip is a rice-sized device that contains a code that is stored in a database  the chip is between your dog’s shoulder blades, and when your dog is found, a staff member at the shelter uses a handheld scanner to read the code in the microchip. The code is then entered into the database, which tells the shelter your name and phone number, so you and your dog can be reunited. Remember to take the time to register your contact information and keep it up to date.